The sustainable growth of Smith Constructions is supported by the implementation of effective systems. At a construction level, all tasks are undertaken as a component of our project planning system.  This ensures that all projects are delivered efficiently and nothing is left to chance.  All clients have the utmost confidence in our ability to meet their expectations in all aspects of construction.

Supporting the constructions systems are our tendering and contract negotiation processes which ensures we have accurate information to take the next step in planning each project.

Within our company, systems form an important component of our administrative operations.  We have adopted and implement a very powerful Business Management System accompanied Safety, Health & Environment system.

Through the use of our Business Management System, our projects meet design, regulatory and client expectations.

Our Safety, Health, and Environmental Policies and Procedures ensure that we protect and care about our people and the environment we work and live in.

Together, these enable our company to effectively monitor our business to ensure we deliver efficient support services to the company’s construction division which, in turn, supports our clients.