Harvey Police Station

New multi-use Police Station and Courthouse Facility.

The Harvey Police Station and Courthouse is a very appealing building that blends in well amongst heritage style buildings in a country town. The facility is state-of-the-art and meets the demanding requirements of the WA Police Service. Construction outcomes are excellent and this highlights the attention to detail and desire to satisfy clients.

The construction of the Harvey Police Station and Courthouse is of a very high quality. This is especially gratifying to our company given the difficulty involved in some of the problems that were encountered including a very low lying wet site.

Highly serviced facility with modern communication and data handling equipment. Variety finishes requiring a high standard of workmanship.

Master Builders Southwest Building Excellence Awards Category Winner 2009

Paul Rossen, (Architect), said: “The Contractor carried out the construction of the works in a timely manner and to a high level. We would be delighted to work with this Contractor again on future projects.”

Ian Woodmansey of DHW said: “Smith Constructions have completed this project in a professional manner. The building is well constructed and should meet the clients’ needs for many years to come.”

Dept of Housing & Works
Parry & Rosenthal Architects
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