Recently completed- Meadow Springs Primary School

Smith Constructions is pleased to announce the completion of the new Meadow Springs Primary School.

A majority of the buildings within the school were positioned to maximise natural light while optimising cooling summer breezes, with building positions and screening vegetation reducing the effect of hot easterly winds. Mature Tuart trees and other existing vegetation were retained where possible and provides an immediate connection to the natural environment.


We've just completed a $1.2 M at Collie Power Station

In June we completed our latest large civil foundation works at Collie Power Station, one of the largest coal-fired power stations in Western Australia.

Our client, Kempe Group, required were for a high degree of project planning, OSH and Quality Control with weekly progress and project control reports.

The project involved demolition, piling, formwork (reinforcing, fixing, concrete placement), and holding down bolt placement and survey.

The construction required working around and identifying existing power station services, CFA piling, large concrete foundations, plant bases and plinths.  Works also involved demolition of existing foundations in restricted working areas.

Bunbury Catholic College Performing Arts Centre

We've completed a new $2.8M project for Bunbury Catholic College.

Bunbury Catholic College Performing Arts Facility is a modern multiuse arts education facility catering for music, dance, drama, class rooms and public performances.

The building is a tilt-panel structure with Delta core proprietary floor system to 1st floor, and structural steel roof frame.
Internal finishes are predominantly plasterboard with the extensive use of acoustic rated walls between arts areas and acoustic treatments in music and Performance zones.

The auditorium has modern sound, lighting and production stage lighting services along with a motorized retractable seating system.

The main challenge during construction was the erection of the structure. Due the use of Delta core flooring, the tilt up panels had to firstly be erected which involved the extensive use of propping outside the building to allow the installation of Delta core floor panels to 1st floor areas. The structural steelwork then had to be installed prior to the pouring of topping to Delta core panels. This involved a lot of preplanning and staging to ensure that a workable construction sequence could be achieved.