Cristal Pigment - Oxygen Civil Works

Extensive civil works including footings, HD bolts and apron for a facility to house a number of items including a 50m high cooling tower.

Cristal Pigment Kemerton
Cristal Pigment Kemerton
Cristal Pigment Kemerton
Complete date
October 2013

This very limited access site within the centre of the Cristal Pigment operational plant included a very tight schedule as the installation of the plant itself was to follow shortly from overseas, to be operational in a very limited time frame.
The build included footings of up to 86m3 and concrete blast walls, with support structural steel prefinished members.
The sheer logistics of the works, coupled with the size of materials and machinery required for both transport and placement, all with in Cristal’s rigorous safety procedures, required a vast amount of forward planning and a problem solving for a pin point accuracy placement of every construction element.