Tuart Rise Primary School

Built on a sloping undeveloped natural site, Tuart Rise Primary School became an extension of the Early Childhood Complex we had completed two years prior.
The Project consisted of major earthworks, rock removal and expansive limestone & in-situ concrete retaining walls to form the pads for the main school complex, sports courts, & tiers to the sports oval.

Smirk Road, Baldivis
Department or Finance, Building Management and Works
Sandover Pinder Architects
Complete date
January 2015

The project comprised six buildings in total, an administration block & staffroom including dental therapy unit, three teaching blocks, library and covered assembly area. In addition two carparks formed part of the works with the expansive carpark along the front boundary of the school requiring considerable stormwater drainage.

The buildings are connected together with a central corridor of varying finishes of hard & soft landscaping complemented by in-situ curved concrete planters which also serve as seats for the students. Extensive preparation and layout was undertaken to enable the vast paving schedule to be laid. Nature based play-grounds complement the natural environment, and the facilities are completed with two hard surfaced sports courts, and a 7000m2 sports oval, including cricket pitch & practice nets.