Prince of Wales Heritage Upgrade

The Prince of Wales Hotel is known by the Heritage Council of WA as having “rare construction history”. Originally a residence built by convicts, it was converted into an operational hotel in the 1880s. Over a 130 years later the Hotel was worthy of a complete restoration and upgrade comprising of Room Refurbishments, Bars and Dining area upgrades, new Commercial Kitchen, Verandah replacement, Common area refurbishments, all within the constraints of its heritage listing.

Stephen Street, Bunbury WA
Prince of Wales Hotel
WML Engineers, Kent Lyon Architects & Atram Design
Complete date

Smith Constructions were engaged in a Design & Construct role and were required to work to, & understand the requirements of the Heritage Report work with the client and engage & liaise with Heritage Consultants, Architects, Designers and Engineers to develop and evolve the scope of works. Throughout the building process, Smith Constructions were required to carefully deconstruct and reconstruct using modern services, materials and finishes to best replicate heritage finishes. This involved working with yesteryear materials, such as pressed metal claddings, decorative plasterwork & wrought iron feature work.

A crucial aspect of the project was having experienced multi-skilled trades persons working on the project who understood the heritage value of the building they were working on, had the depth of construction knowledge to assist in coming up with practical solutions to unforseen conditions encounted & having the interest & practical hand skills to work unique & traditional methods & finishes.